Thank you

Thank you to everyone who supported our Pop-up stalls, and  to those who make them happen – especially Jean for organising them and everyone who contributed. Without support from the Blackrod community it would be nothing, so many thanks to everyone who come and supported us. Also thank you for your contributions to our “Giving Tuesday” appeal this week which is also for church funds. People have been very generous.
Thank you for the Savoury Crackers, our contribution to “Christmas Dinner on Jesus”. Last day tomorrow for that but we seem to be on target to meet our commitment of 500 across the team. We have also had a fantastic response to our appeals for donations to various charities. Firstly the Harvest donations for Medecin sans Frontiers amounted to over £700 and donations to go to Fort Alice and the NSPPC in lieu of toys this year are still coming in. We’ll publish the final amounts when we have them, but again we can say that St Katharine’s has a very generous heart indeed and we have been very humbled.  Angela