The Easter Experience 2018

The Easter Experience

At Saint Katharine’s this year’s Holy Week services are every evening at 7.30pm in church.  Each night we will explore a different experience of Easter using our senses.  Smell, touch, and feel Easter in a different way.

What will be the impact of the Easter message on our lives in 2018?

The Easter Experience will explore events in Holy Week in ways that are interactive and stimulating. The time line which includes Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday is as follows;

¨ Palm Sunday – Hopes and Dreams.  11.00am

¨ Monday – Jesus is anointed in Bethany.  7.30pm

¨ Tuesday – Some Greeks want to meet Jesus.  7.30pm

¨ Wednesday – Betrayal.  7.30pm

¨ Maundy Thursday – The Last Supper.  7.30pm (finishing at 10.00pm following the vigil, while we wait with our Lord)

¨ Good Friday – Sharing and Suffering.  2.00pm

¨ Saturday – The Service of Light.  7.30pm

¨ Easter Sunday- Resurrection.  11.00am

There will be an address at each of these services by The Reverend Carol McCabe, who continues to minister at Saint Katharine’s in her retirement.

If however you are unable to attend the services and wish more information please do not hesitate to contact her through the parish office. The telephone number is on the inside of the front cover of the magazine or on the website.  God Bless.