The 2015 meeting will take place on Sunday 26th April at 10.00 am

during the Parish Eucharist in St Katharine’s Church.


Elections will take place during the A.P.C.M. for the following:

15 Parochial Church Council  (PCC) members; 7 Deanery Synod members to also serve on the Parochial Church Council (PCC); Sidesmen and Sideswomen.  Please note that only those whose names are entered on the current St Katharine’s Church Electoral Roll are eligible to vote and to nominate candidates, as well as to stand for election themselves.

The A.P.C.M. also provides opportunity for concerned parishioners to raise any matter, provided that their names are entered on the current Church Electoral Roll.  Forms for those whose names are not included on the current Church Electoral Roll are available in St Katharine’s Church.  Please note that people must be over the age of 16 before their names can be included.  Lists for the nomination of those willing to serve as Churchwardens, Deanery Synod members, PCC members, and Sidesmen/Sideswomen are on display in the Lower Room of St Katharine’s Church.

Reports to be presented to the A.P.C.M. will be available to parishioners two weeks in advance of the meeting.                                                                                     Janet Milward, PCC Secretary