Sunday School Harvest Presentation 2016

Recipe For Life

(See the photos of our work in the Gallery!)

In Sunday school we looked at lots of fruit and veg that you can put in a salad. To grow vegetables you need water, soil, seeds and sun. Sam made a big salad. Isabelle and Sophie made a fruit and veg out of clay.

We looked at the colours of the leaves that had fallen from the trees in the park. Trees also need water, soil, seeds and sun. We looked at their beautiful shapes and colours. Adam and Natasha made placemats out of the leaves.  When we looked at the leaves that had fallen off the trees and left for two weeks, we saw that they were not very nice and ugly and needed to be thrown away.

Then we had some grapes and raisins. Grapes grow on a vine which is grown in soil. The vine also needs water and sunlight to grow.When the grapes are dried they become raisins.  In the Bible, Jesus says that he is the vine and we are the branches. When we are connected to him we will have life and will bear fruit. We made two leaves each and put our name on one and we put other children’s names on the others. We decorated them. We put them on a string to represent the vine that connects us to Jesus.
We learnt that our plants can grow because we have clean water which is healthy. In hot countries like Uganda they do not have clean water.  They travel a long way to get clean water from a well. Sometimes they have to boil leaves and eat them for their tea. We wouldn’t like to eat food like this.

At Harvest we are collecting money to give to Water Aid. The money will help people in Uganda to get clean water so they can grow their own food and be more healthy and strong.

Today’s presentation was written by
Isabelle, George, Max and Ruth.