Thoughts for March 2020

“Anything from the Trolley?”

Thoughts for March from Graham Moss

Thinking about my early years (about 100 ago!), I served as an altar boy at a church in Wigan and for me Lent was always the dreaded time when I felt I had no choice but to give up my beloved sweets.

We were constantly told by our Vicar at the time that we must be an inspiration to others and lead by example. Unfortunately, this didn’t stop us from meeting up after Sunday School behind the church wall to cram as many sweets into our mouths as possible praying that the Vicar was now safely at home eating his Sunday roast.

In most recent years I have taken on a voluntary role as a “Trolley Dolly” at our local hospital, which involves visiting wards and enticing patients and staff to purchase chocolates, sweets, newspapers etc, from my trolley. This is a really fulfilling job for me and I try as much as possible to chat to patients and have a laugh with the staff.

But how times have changed. Now, for many, Lent is seen as a good time to cut out sweet things, not as a penitence, but, as I have been told many times by the staff, it will help to lose weight in time for summer. Needless to say, my takings have taken a dive around this time.

But this doesn’t last and after a few days it’s back to normal, buying chocolates in bulk, and saying how they’ve missed their little snacks and can’t function without them!

So there are a number of reasons why we deprive ourselves of our favourite things during Lent, but if you are going to commit to Lent, try to make sure you do so for the right reasons.