Thought for the Month – September 2019

One Year on

Thoughts for September from Sue Taylor

“One Year On”, this is very timely for me, as I have been reflecting on the past twelve months, because it has been just that, one year, 8th Aug to be exact, since I moved from Bromley Cross to Blackrod. Not a move that has taken me many miles, but as I was settled in my previous home for eighteen years, it was quite an upheaval, in lots of ways.

However, I need not have worried, because just one year later, it truly feels like I have found home, as if I have lived in Blackrod a lifetime, such is the welcoming spirit of the community. I find everyone I meet to be friendly and only too willing to help and offer up advice and share experiences.

I have actively looked to become involved in the village, joining the Ladies Who Lunch club and along with other social outings have found such a wide range of hobbies to learn and throw myself into, from bell ringing to the stitch and knit club, all extremely welcoming groups of people.

I have seen the Christmas fair, Spring fair, messy church and Scarecrow festival bring all the people of the village together and I have such admiration for everyone who freely gives up their time to organise, plan and run these events. I feel proud to say that I live in Blackrod.

I love the environment surrounding Blackrod, I don’t need to go far to find myself in the open countryside, near hills, reservoirs, or country walks, it feels so tranquil, far removed from the hustle and bustle of a working day. It is so nice to sit and reflect, while listening to country noises, peace and quiet. I don’t take time out often enough to appreciate all that I have on my doorstep.

As I think about the next twelve months, I ponder over what other hobbies and challenges I can take up. I am sure there is so much more that Blackrod can offer.

If only there were more days in the week….. roll on retirement!