At 82 and registered disabled I find it difficult to get out and about.  Doing so gives me chronic pain for days.  The house is so quiet since my last dog died 6 years ago.  When I get up each morning my first job is to feed the stray cats. They talk to me and one does roly-poly’s to greet me.  Then it is time to feed the birds that have been watching the cats’ breakfast buffet party.  All fed, then I put on the kettle.  The birdsong is great to hear as my world without them would be a very quiet place. My son Jaime died almost 13 years ago.  He was so full of fun and I miss him terribly.  My husband Bob passed away 30 years ago. When I look back at the busy and exciting life I once had, the wonderful memories of those times help me through the days.

I look forward to Sunday mornings better because it is church service at 11am.  After many ‘good mornings’ and ‘how are you’s’, I take my walking frame into a pew. After the service I enjoy coffee and a chat.  I sometimes overhear others’ plans for the day – ‘I’m going to my daughters for lunch’ or ‘my son is picking me up and we’re going to Southport’, etc.  I’m happy for them that they have enjoy family ties. I still have contact with my cousin, and he has a son and three grandchildren.

After coffee at church I head home. Home and church is where my Father God, Jesus Christ my saviour, and the Holy Spirit live with me.  God shows me all of his fantastic creations.  Jesus forgives me when I say bad things about the adverts on TV.  The Holy Spirit is always with me and keeps me safe every day. So if you feel sad, invite the Holy Trinity into your life and home.  They will never let you down.

I find the TV daily news heart-breaking.  The moors fires possibly started by arson, man charged with rape and murder, youth knifed by gang as he walked home. And so it goes on.  Mindless, sad people who could be helped by leaving behind their cruel and wicked lives, and instead following the ways of Jesus. If you see signs in children or teenagers – anger, lack of respect for rules and laws, stealing, etc., please get help for them.  They could be at risk in the future.

My day passes with visits from friends, or hospital appointments, or church events for a get-together and a chat over a cup of tea. I enjoy the monthly Ladies Who Lunch when we visit different eating establishments in the area for a nice afternoon in good company.

I look forward to bedtime, and I read my magazine and my bible passage for the day.  After prayers for the sick and suffering, people and animals, I can switch off the light and rest safely with my friends – the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Let us pray for peace in today’s world.  God bless you all.  Stay safe. Sal