Thought for the Month – March 2019

THOUGHTS FOR MARCH from Mike Hollick

This month is the third one into 2019. How time flies. The birds are busy nest building, nights are drawing out, gardens are coming to life, snowdrops etc appearing and we are hoping for a summer like 2018, which was exceptional.  It is also the time when we think where shall we go this year? England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland or Spain, Portugal, Greece……where we will definitely get some sun.

After the dreadful fires on the moors last year, I thought it would never replace itself, but lo and behold, when I went over the moors, what I saw was green shoots and the heather starting to grow again. How nature looks after itself.

I received some great news over Christmas, my daughter Catherine is returning to England from the Netherlands where she has been working for the last two years plus.

Getting back to holiday thoughts – when I was a rep. I travelled from John O’Groats to Land’s End. I have missed seeing the sights of areas I went past and would like to visit them again and do them justice.

The garden now comes to mind. The grass is starting to grow (I wish I had cleaned the mower before I put it away for the winter!). Thank you for the inventor of WD40 – what a great product.  When I come to replace plants I have no idea what to put in the ground but thanks to Janet who does know the plant names etc. I will just keep them watered.

A last thought, I hope that peace can be brought to all the countries with their troubles without further conflict. We must keep our prayers to bring peace to us all.