Thought for the Month- June 2019

A Time of Change – Thoughts for June

The end of May saw us celebrate Ascension Day. The day when we celebrate Jesus’ ascension into Heaven and the time when he finished his teaching on Earth and went to join his father. This was also a time of change for the disciples as they embarked on new chapters in their lives.

This bought to mind a similar thought for our young people. In May children in Year 6 completed their SAT’s which for them was the end of their journey through primary school. Similarly those young people in Years 11 and 13 will be part way through their GCSE and A-Levels at this time and completing their time at High School and College. All of them are coming to the end of a time of learning and they will be moving onto new adventures be they more learning in a new place or starting in the world of employment.

May we keep all of these young people in our prayers as they navigate through what is a very stressful and emotional time for them and may they all enjoy the fruits of their labours and move forward onto the next part of their journey with joyful hearts.

by Deborah Howard