Thought for the Month – July 2019

Tolerance and Acceptance

Recently I attended the baptism of an adult and was quite moved by it. Many of us were baptised as babies so we didn’t have any input into the service or feel any different after it but this adult had made the choice to be baptised and understood all the vows she made – she didn’t need godparents to stand for her. It was her decision alone which made it so moving.

The Easter Eve and Easter Sunday services give us the chance to renew our Baptism vows, which makes those services the best of the year for me. I come out feeling refreshed and re-focussed.

Our granddaughter, by the time this is being read, has recently made the decision to be confirmed, there again she is older than the usual aged children. She felt she needed to confirm her belief in God and her commitment to her faith. I feel in awe of her strength of character, she has friends of different religions and non-believers too, they all get on so well and support each other during significant stages in their faiths.

They talk about their beliefs or reasons they don’t believe and respect each other, no shouting down or ridiculing, just acceptance and love. How wonderful if we could all have such tolerance.

Our hope with Messy church is that children and families will come to St Katharine’s and enjoy fellowship, play, praise and sharing food together. That singing a few faith-based songs, saying a couple of prayers and learning about Jesus isn’t scary, isn’t heavy, and will make the coming together of grandparents, parents and children in this way a happier village and a more tolerant community.

If as a result of this we find that other older people would like to confirm their faith then……..Praise the Lord.

Sylvia Gregory