Thought for the Month – Jan 2019

A New Year from Eliis Collier

First, may I wish all the readers of St Katharine’s Church magazine a Happy New Year. No doubt some of us will have made New Year Resolutions, some will be kept and others will gradually fall by the wayside. On a slightly humorous note, in the last 2-3 months, some will be aware of the considerably trimmer figure of Sir Lenny Henry. When asked how he managed to lose weight and look really fit, his secret was that he had given up chocolate Hobnobs. Well I like them too, so well done Sir Lenny.

However, at this time of year we always wonder what the New Year will bring and despite the good summer, and royal weddings, 2018 was a difficult year which tested the resilience of ordinary people in the UK.  Some of these were, the continuing “Brexit overload” in the media. Whether you were for remaining in the EU or for leaving, it’s beginning to feel like “please don’t mention that Brexit word again”.

Locally we had the devastating fires on Winter Hill and nearby areas which were probably started deliberately. Nationally, knife crime seems to have got worse with increased incidents being reported. The problems of “Novichock” nerve agent in Salisbury and the effects on the local community, and abroad the terrible suffering of people in Syria and the Yemen due to the wars there.

So in wishing everyone a Happy New Year, we surely need some happier news.  We all approach a New Year with a certain amount of optimism that it will be “better than last year”. But, of course the some of the problems will inevitably spill over into the next, and (at the time of writing this) we have to have faith that things will hopefully be resolved satisfactorily regarding our country’s future outside the EU. We continue to hope and pray that the suffering in Syria and Yemen will be brought to end as soon as possible and that our national issues can be successfully resolved.

On a more personal level 2018 brought to light a serious health issue regarding our younger daughter. She has had some wonderful support from family and her many friends and, following some further treatment during the next months, we pray that in time she will be restored back to good health. All thanks to our wonderful NHS and the staff at Chorley and Preston Hospitals.

None of us thankfully knows just what is “around the corner” in the lives of our family and friends. So my thought for January (after remembering as we did in November last year, the events of 100 years ago and the soldiers courage and sacrifices), is to endeavour as best we can to live by their ethos and the teachings in the Bible.

Then at least we might be able to say to ourselves:- Well I have my  faults, but I did my best in life, I fought the good fight; no one is perfect but at least I tried.                                                                                    Ellis Collier