From the Clergy -April 2019

Dear Friends,

If you’ve been in church you may have seen our photographs of Messy Church displayed in the lower room? You can see more photos in this magazine and an article from the Sunday School Team about our first one ever at St Katharine’s at the beginning of March.

For the uninitiated, Messy Church is not a new name for the Church of England, appropriate though it may be. Messy Church is a church for families and others who find it hard to go to traditional church on Sundays.  It is a mix of crafts, fun and worship with food!

Almost 60 people attended our first one almost half of them children. We were thrilled at the response and have put the photos up so everyone can see what it’s about. We were also pleased that we had so many volunteers to help with the welcome, crafts and food. Thank you to all those who helped out we couldn’t do it without you.

We are holding our second one on the 13th April. Everyone is welcome to come along to Messy Church. It’s not just for kids and it’s not just about having fun, although we hope you do. The overall aim is teach people about Jesus and the Christian faith and we pray that those who come will feel that they belong in church and to each other.

The name Messy Church can be taken on different levels. Yes, there is glue, and glitter (not much honest!) and icing at our Messy Church, but the word Messy also reflects the reality that life is messy. Things don’t always turn out as we expected or hoped; relationships can be messy, family life can be messy, people themselves can be messy (and I don’t mean untidy). Our thoughts and actions can be messy, the world of politics is certainly messy.

It was into such a messy world that Christ came to live with us and share in the mess and it was for the messy world that he died in order to straighten out the mess. The world is very much still in a mess but if we model ourselves on Jesus and if we give him the first place in our lives, that will help us to sort through our own mess and bring some peace and order to our world.

We shall be celebrating Easter shortly. I hope that you will be able to join us through Holy Week to Good Friday, Easter Eve and Easter Day. It’s too tempting to despair of our messy world but when we celebrate the risen Christ we know that everything is in his hands and there is nothing to fear.

I wish you all a most holy and blessed Easter time. Now where’s that glitter…….