SAVE THE PACKET! Save the planet!


Crisp packets collection you may have noticed two box bins in the entrance hall. One labelled Crisp Packets and the other for Pet Food pouches. This is part of a new scheme by Terracycle, working in partnership with Walkers, to recycle the plastic from these packets.

PLEASE save your empty crisp packets (any brand) and pet food pouches (washed please!) and bring them to church to add to the collection. We need to collect at least 400 crisp packets and they will then pay us a small amount for our efforts. But every little bit counts and we will be doing our bit in the fight against plastic waste.

Many thanks to Pat Zukowskyj for suggesting this scheme and setting up the necessary permissions for St Katharine’s Church to be accepted by Terracycle as a collection point.

Let’s spread the word and start collecting!