Report From the Sunday School – December 2016

Reporters: Sam and Niall.

In Sunday School this term we have had lots of fun. At the beginning of term we told each other about our summer holidays then prepared for Harvest. This involved making a salad and placemats out of leaves. We did a presentation to show the church what we learnt. You can see photos in the gallery. We also learnt about people in Uganda who can’t cook as they have no clean water. To raise money for Water Aid, some of us dressed up as Super Heroes and film stars. Altogether we raised £5.

We were also looking forward to meeting our new Vicar Angela, so we made her a card to introduce ourselves. The card has a picture of us all and we have written our likes and dislikes. We have also given cards to the children who have been baptised, including Daniel who was baptised in October, and have done a presentation.

We like food activities and we LOVED decorating biscuits. We got really messy and Sam’s tongue turned green from the sweets.
We all went to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at Horwich Leisure Centre and it was brilliant. We also practiced hard for our Nativity play and you can see us dressed up in the photo. This year we learnt how to sign and practiced signing ‘Away in a manger’ and ‘Little Donkey.’

What a busy time! Happy New Year from all in Sunday School.