Our Church Needs Your Views


As part of their commitment to the future sustainability of the Church in the 21st century, our Diocese have developed an overall vision.

“A worshipping growing and transforming Christian presence at the heart of every community”

The diocese has agreed goals:

  • Growing new disciples in missionary church communities which are younger, more diverse, active and spiritually engaged.
  • Nurturing increasing vocations, nurturing new and existing disciples, increasing financial giving.
  • Serving present for all, speaking and acting prophetically for justice, supporting pastorally especially the vulnerable, deprived and excluded.

Every parish and Deanery within the diocese has been invited to contribute to this future sustainability by developing their own Mission Action Plans at the local level.

Mission Action Planning enables us to discern our vision for the future.  It then helps us to prioritise to do a few things well, planning activities over months and years that allow us to achieve our vision.

To start this journey, we need your views on the way forward for our church.

What are your views on the following:

* Our finances, our buildings and most importantly our people?

* Our local community, we want to think about the people who live near to church and their lives and experiences.  Also about the agencies, charities, businesses, churches, schools, nurseries, retirement homes and what each of these do in our community?

* What experiences have shaped our church and community?

* Our local culture and the culture of our church and its traditions?

All these plans will be undergirded by prayer that seeks to identify God’s will for our church.

Over the next few months the PCC will be engaged on trying to formulate our Mission Action Plan, so please help us by contributing your views.

If you want more information or have something to share please speak to the Vicar, Churchwardens or any member of the PCC.

Chris Skinner PCC Deputy Lay Chair.