New Beginnings – September 2017

By Robert Smith aged 11

One of my first new beginnings was seven years ago in September 2010 when I started Primary School!  I was raring to go but a little disappointed I couldn’t have an afternoon nap!  As if that wasn’t a big enough new beginning, later that school year, on 19th of May 2011, my baby brother Nicolas was born at Bolton General Hospital.

Now seven years later and I have another new beginning.  I will be starting at Canon Slade High School in September and leaving Horwich Parish Primary School.  After an exhausting last three weeks in Year 6 filled with proms, concerts, assemblies and much, much more I have now recovered and enjoyed my summer holidays – hooray!

At this time of change for me I am aware of having left my friends and especially lovely teachers behind.  That’s been hard for me as I have really enjoyed my time at Horwich Parish especially in Year 5 and Year 6.  However I am excited about my future at Canon Slade and my next five years there.

I am looking forward to getting the bus to school, having nicer school food I can buy with a credit card (!), having new staff especially my lovely head of year and form tutor, and of course meeting lots of new friends.

So, wish me luck please and think of me in September as I start my new adventure.  Good luck too, to everyone with a new beginning ahead of them – here we go!

Good luck to all our young people who are leaving primary schools to go on to enjoy the next phase of their school life at secondary school.  And to all those going off to university and spreading their wings – enjoy every minute and try and find time to do some studying as well!!