My Time in Austria – August 2018

My Time in Austria August 2018

Monday 6th August – it was my 12th birthday and I was really, really excited! I had to get up at 3am and I hadn’t slept at all the night before as I was so hyped up. Also, the day before I had opened all my birthday presents. We had to be at Manchester Airport at 4.30am ready to take my flight to Munich at 7am. And so my adventure to Austria had begun!

When we arrived in Munich a coach was waiting for us and we set off through the beautiful mountains and past bright blue lakes. And so, 3 hours later, we finally arrived at camp. Later that night, even though it was 35C and it was 11pm there was a massive disco party. Hooray!

Highlights of the rest of my time at camp until Tuesday 14th August — I went swimming everyday in the river on site and in 2 different lakes – going off site to a ski chalet and sleeping there – having discos nearly every night — swapping neckers and uniforms with people from around the world – taking a train to the lake.

Last day of camp – Wednesday 15th August – it was the last day and everyone was tired but we still had to get up early. However, I definitely knew that it was the right time to go home – my adventure had begun to come to an end. 3 hours later we arrived back in Munich Airport. We were each given £10 to choose our own tea and then we got onto the plane back home.

Afterwards….The thing I brought back from Austria was that absolutely everyone was different in their own way whether due to race, religion, or disability, but none of it mattered. I wish it could be like that here.



Robert belongs to 6th Horwich Scouts and attended the International Scout Jamboree in Austria held every five years with scouts from all over the world. This year more than 4,000 scouts attended and the theme was “Home”.