More than Sunday

The Manchester Diocese has launched #MoreThanSunday.

It’s a lay-led project that focuses on all that we do as followers of Jesus that doesn’t require a special calling.

It will offer ideas and challenges about how we can live out our faith and deepen our discipleship across all seven days of the week. There are podcasts and reflections to inspire us, along with actions that we can try, to challenge and strengthen our everyday faith.

You can sign up to #More Than Sunday to receive the podcasts and monthly information. You don’t have to be a regular church-goer to take part and you can join in at any point during the year.

We hope that #MoreThanSunday will not only deepen our faith and increase our engagement with our communities, but also connect us with other people who share our faith and our discipleship journey.

Every month, #MoreThanSunday will suggest a different theme for you to think about and act upon. We will add each month’s content as the year progresses.  September’s theme is Creation.