What is it?   A new, exciting and informative way of learning more about the bible, and understanding its message for the 21st century.

Who is it for?  You!  In fact it’s for anyone who would like to know more about the bible.

‘But I don’t know anything about the bible really..’  Then Word Search is for you.  No previous knowledge is expected or needed.

When is it happening?  Every other Tuesday 7.30pm – 8.30pm, starting 14th March, in St Bartholomew’s Church room, Westhoughton.  See overleaf for dates.

‘I can’t commit to all the dates’.  That doesn’t matter.  Even though there will be a continued theme, each week is complete in itself.

‘I suppose I could give it a try…’  Yes you can. Don’t worry, give it a try  – enjoyment guaranteed!

WORD SEARCH Programme March – June 2017

All sessions will be led by Canon Chris Bracegirdle

14th March ‘Getting to know you’ An overview of the bible

28th March ‘The same but different’ The gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke

11th April ‘Different again’ John’s gospel

25th April ‘What happens next?’  The Acts of the Apostles

9th May ‘Dear Rome…’ Paul’s letter to the Romans

23rd May ‘Dear everybody else…’  Paul’s other letters

6th June ‘What about us?’  Other letters in the New Testament

20th June ‘What bible did Jesus read?  Jesus and his background