Follow the Star 2019

The Church of England’s Christmas message this year is “Follow the Star”.  


Christmas is a time for generosity. The gifts we give do not have to be expensive or extravagant – sometimes the gift of time spent with a neighbour or a smile at someone we see on the street can be just as meaningful. Like the shepherds, who have only their awe and devotion to bring to witness to the birth of Christ, the best gift we can give is the gift of our hearts.


Just as we give, we must also be open to accepting the gifts of others. In Jesus, God gives us the most precious gift of all and invites us to know and follow his only Son. Whatever your Christmas looks like, everyone is invited to the birth of Jesus. From the lowliest shepherds to the wealthy Magi, all are welcome to gather together and delight in God’s grace!


You too are welcome to follow the star this Christmas and find yourself in that humble stable, in a place where you are known and loved in the presence of God. We hope that you have a blessed Christmas and pray that your journey following the star leads you ever closer to the joy and peace of knowing Jesus Christ.                            Archbishop Justin Welby, Archbishop John Sentamu.

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Follow The Star: A Journey through the 12 days of Christmas invites everyone to travel in the footsteps of the Wise Men to meet Jesus. Offering fourteen daily reflections – beginning on Christmas Eve and finishing on the Epiphany (6 January). We have some copies of this Leaflet which will be available in the lower room.

A Star Church – look out for our Star at St Katharine’s!