Deanery Synod Report


The Deanery Synod met at St Andrews, Over Hulton on October 18th. Five of us, a full complement, went from St Katharine’s.

In the first part of the meeting, we enjoyed a presentation about Haiti by Christian Aid, which is to be the focus of next year’s fundraising campaign.  A short quiz revealed how equally short is our knowledge of Haiti.  A reading from the story of the Good Samaritan beforehand and prayers, reminded us that the Haitians are our neighbours yet we do not know much about them.  We know now about the tremendous poverty, environmental problems, political and social chaos and natural disasters they live with daily, yet their spirit and faith remains undimmed. Please pray for them.

The business part of the meeting, focussed on the (becoming urgent) need to write a Mission Action plan to assess the health of our church and to take steps to stay healthy in the future… other words, to help our church to grow in numbers. All are encouraged to have their say and their opinion counts so try to take time to contribute to ours and pray for wisdom and generosity of spirit in us all. With a forecast of fewer clergy in the deanery from 2025, time for redefining a strong base is short.

Other financial matters were aired with the usual mix of panic, resentment or relief and the meeting closed with prayer.

Barbara Worsley