Crucifer and Acolytes

Here at St Katharine’s Church in Blackrod we have a long history of Lay involvement at the Altar in our Sunday Eucharistic Services.

We have an Organist, and a Choir, we have Readers and Intercessors, we have Lay Assistants for Communion.

We also have a Crucifer and two Acolytes. It is the Crucifer and Acolytes that I would like you all to focus on at this time.

Historically, the younger members of our congregation are invited to consider the role of Acolyte following their Confirmation, and this process will continue, but I would now like to extend this invitation to ALL members of our Congregation.

If anyone would like to consider becoming a Crucifer or Acolyte then please contact either the Vicar, the Church Wardens, or me. Training can be easily arranged, and Rota’s can be scheduled to your availability.

Brian McCabe, 01204 669775,