A Thank You to all at St Katharine’s

With fondest love and prayers

 We were both deeply touched and humbled on Sunday 15th February when so many people from throughout our time here in Blackrod came along to St Katharine’s Church to celebrate the Parish Eucharist.  Almost 25 years is a very long time to spend in one parish; but we wouldn’t have had it any other way, and know full well that we couldn’t have spent it in a more supportive and lovely community.  To say “goodbye” is never easy, especially when it’s farewell to friends and families whom we have come to know, respect and love.  It was indeed very moving for us to be able to spend time after the service with people representing the major part of both of our lives.  Thank you for all the lovely gifts, including the special “Parish” gifts, as well as those of a more personal nature – and for the wonderful buffet to which many people contributed, and which was certainly enjoyed by all.  A real surprise was to receive 331 (and still coming!) cards expressing sincere thanks and good wishes.  Most unexpected perhaps has been the sheer number of people from the village who have turned up at the door to deliver cards and gifts.  There is absolutely no doubt that we are going to miss Blackrod and its people, but our hearts remain filled with the warmest of memories and with profound thankfulness to Almighty God.

Roger & Mary Cooper.