Admission to Communion and other Children news.

Admission to Communion

If your child is in Year 3 or above and is interested in exploring, or wishes to be admitted to, communion before confirmation, please collect an information leaflet and registration form from a church warden or member of the leadership team. The information leaflet is available from the leaflet rack in the entrance hall at church – please take a copy to read.

Part of the commitment involves 6 evening preparation sessions starting on Monday 29th October at 6.00pm at St John, Wingates.  Each session lasts for about 45 minutes.  Details are in the information leaflet.

Admission to communion will take place across the team on Sunday 2nd December (each child to be admitted in their own churches). Forms for anyone interested need to be returned by Sunday 21st October and if you have any questions or queries please speak to Revd Angela or Elaine Simkin.


Children’s area in St Katharine’s.

You may have noticed a corner of the church in the South aisle has remained as a children’s area following the Scarecrow Festival. It is hoped that children will feel able to use the area during services to play with the toys and books provided, whilst parents and carers can participate in the service, and in this way be included as part of the congregation. After a trial period the PCC will review the use of the space and make a decision on whether this will be a permanent arrangement.  If you have any comments please have a chat with Revd Angela or the churchwardens.

Urban Outreach – Bolton Lunches

St Katharine’s served as a collection point for the packed lunches during the Summer holidays. This scheme was launched four years ago by Urban Outreach and this year they have provided more than 1500 lunches each day for children eligible for free School meals in the Bolton area. Although the response was not as great as anticipated in Blackrod, we are happy to have played a part in the scheme and hope we have made a small difference to some children’s summer holiday.  A very big thank you to everyone who volunteered to help on the rota, many hands made light work!  Mary Pryle