My Sunday School Journey August 2017…

As I come to the end of my time at Blackrod Church School, whilst having the pleasure of having been one of the six to be confirmed this year, I feel, as a family, we have a good connection with the church.

During my time at Sunday School, I feel I have grown and learned many things that I can now pass on to the other children and that is why I am excited to become a Sunday School helper from September.

I also feel as though my brother and sister (Adam and Rhea) have influenced my decision by helping at sessions and me watching them and that is why I want to follow in their footsteps.

A new school, a new role at church and new and exciting opportunities and experiences to come.

I can’t wait!

By Natasha Howard, 11

Good luck to all our young people who are leaving primary schools to go on to enjoy the next phase of their school life at secondary school.

And to all those going off to university and spreading their wings – enjoy every minute and try and find time to do some studying as well!!


What’s happening in Sunday School Spring Term 2017

In Sunday school on 19th March, we looked back over the term and remembered all the activities we have done.

We began the term by thinking about how in the ‘Sermon on the Mount,’ Jesus says we might be blessed (happy).

We acted out scenes in which we could act as peacemakers, help the poor and forgive others.  We also did art work with happy colours.

We then spent two weeks thinking about Jesus being the Light of the world.  This was to help us celebrate Candlemas.  We made lanterns and painted glass bottles, in which we could put our Candlemas candles.  We have also made bird feeders, learning that Jesus says we are as precious as sparrows.

As it is Mothering Sunday on 26th March, we have prepared for the occasion by decorating labels to give with daffodils to the ladies in church.

We also prepared a presentation for the baptism in March and all signed the cards for the two children.

Ruth Wills


Report from the Sunday School  December 2016.

Reporters: Sam and Niall.

In Sunday School this term we have had lots of fun. At the beginning of term we told each other about our summer holidays then prepared for Harvest. This involved making a salad and placemats out of leaves. We did a presentation to show the church what we learnt. You can see photos in the gallery. We also learnt about people in Uganda who can’t cook as they have no clean water. To raise money for Water Aid, some of us dressed up as Super Heroes and film stars. Altogether we raised £5.

We were also looking forward to meeting our new Vicar Angela, so we made her a card to introduce ourselves. The card has a picture of us all and we have written our likes and dislikes. We have also given cards to the children who have been baptised, including Daniel who was baptised in October, and have done a presentation.

We like food activities and we LOVED decorating biscuits. We got really messy and Sam’s tongue turned green from the sweets.

We all went to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at Horwich Leisure Centre and it was brilliant. We also practiced hard for our Nativity play and you can see us dressed up in the photo. This year we learnt how to sign and practiced signing ‘Away in a manger’ and ‘Little Donkey.’

What a busy time! Happy New Year from all in Sunday School.

Recipe For Life 

Sunday School Harvest Presentation 2016

(See the photos of our work in the Gallery!)

In Sunday school we looked at lots of fruit and veg that you can put in a salad. To grow vegetables you need water, soil, seeds and sun. Sam made a big salad. Isabelle and Sophie made a fruit and veg out of clay.

We looked at the colours of the leaves that had fallen from the trees in the park. Trees also need water, soil, seeds and sun. We looked at their beautiful shapes and colours. Adam and Natasha made placemats out of the leaves.  When we looked at the leaves that had fallen off the trees and left for two weeks, we saw that they were not very nice and ugly and needed to be thrown away.

Then we had some grapes and raisins. Grapes grow on a vine which is grown in soil. The vine also needs water and sunlight to grow.When the grapes are dried they become raisins.

In the Bible, Jesus says that he is the vine and we are the branches. When we are connected to him we will have life and will bear fruit. We made two leaves each and put our name on one and we put other children’s names on the others. We decorated them. We put them on a string to represent the vine that connects us to Jesus.

We learnt that our plants can grow because we have clean water which is healthy. In hot countries like Uganda they do not have clean water.  They travel a long way to get clean water from a well. Sometimes they have to boil leaves and eat them for their tea. We wouldn’t like to eat food like this.

At Harvest we are collecting money to give to Water Aid. The money will help people in Uganda to get clean water so they can grow their own food and be more healthy and strong.

Today’s presentation was written by

Isabelle, George, Max and Ruth.