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Men’s Fellowship

It is most odd that Hanns Johst said; “Whenever I hear the word culture I release the safety-catch of my Browning”.  In complete contrast, whenever members of the Men’s Fellowship hear the same word, we take a train into Manchester to absorb and delight in it.

It really is amazing just how much of the stuff can be appreciated, in that fine city, when gazing across the top of a pint glass containing the finest best-bitter.  Perhaps that was the problem Johst had, too much German lager and not enough glasses of enlightened English erudition.  But that is German poets and playwrights for you.

Our latest taste of said culture took in many splendid establishments, offering us a glimpse of the rich history within.  Encompassing the Romans, The Peterloo Massacre*, the Cotton Trade and aspects of The Victorians, concluding with a visit to the former kitchens of the Wood Street Mission, now serving a more prosperous Mancunian in its new role as a bar.  Well, who would have thought it.

Preparation for our trip was undertaken by Colin, Dave and Ian.  These selfless and dedicated seekers after the finer thing in life, had previously visited every location to ensure that we received maximum cultural exposure.  A noble and worthy achievement on their part.  We were filled with gratitude by the time we caught the train home.  Yes, gratitude and of course culture.

Bob Chapman

*Local actress Maxine Peake is currently involved in making a film directed by Mike Leigh about the Peterloo Massacre which will be released some time next year.  Did you have family involved in the massacre, or know of anyone with links to those who died?