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Blackrod Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Household Survey will be delivered to residents around the end of June so please watch your post as this is very important for Blackrod’s future development.

Whether you consider yourself to have a housing need or not, the information you can provide in the Survey is important in helping us understand the housing needs of our community.

So please do not ignore it when it arrives, complete it as best as you can and return it in the freepost envelope.

We need at least 300 Surveys to be returned to ensure the data collected provides meaningful information, so if every reader of the Church magazine returned their Survey we should be okay!

Thank you.


Work is progressing nicely on the Neighbourhood Plan and we are hopeful that we may have a draft Plan available for the residents of Blackrod to review by late summer.  In the meantime we are asking residents to provide their views on the following:

  • There are buildings and structures in the parish that are important to our heritage and that we should seek to protect from overly zealous development. These are the older buildings & structures that are not protected by Grade 11 listing such as the Cenotaph; Cemetery chapel; Bobbin Hall and its neighbouring cottages.  There are many other examples and we would like you to tell us of any that you think should be listed as part of our heritage.
  • We would also like to hear your views on the Open Spaces around the village. These are usually situated around the built up areas and are small pieces of grassed land, not the greenbelt that surrounds the village, but open areas for Play and enjoyment or that breaks up the urban landscape.  Do we need more of these spaces and if so where should they be situated?

Please provide your comments on any of the above topics by completing the Contact Us page on our website:

Or, by sending an Email to:

Or, if preferred, leave a note in the box on our display in the Library foyer.

Survey Questionnaire

Finally, please watch the post over the next few weeks, probably late May early June as we have arranged for a Survey Questionnaire to be sent out to all households in Blackrod.  It will have our Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan logo on it so you will know when it arrives.  This Survey is probably one of the most important ones the residents of Blackrod will do as it is asking for views on the Housing needs of Blackrod – do we need any more houses built?  If so, what type, where and who for?

Please do not ignore this Survey when it arrives, it is your chance to have your say on Blackrod’s development.