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Blackrod Community walking Group

July 2017- A Walk towards Higher Henshaw and Lead Mines Clough

For our walk this month we all met at Rivington Bowling Club.  Unfortunately it was raining, so all eleven of us had on full waterproofs except for Harvey, Rob’s little dog.  We set off heading up Sheep House Lane, going through the gate opposite the green and down the ’39 steps’.

We turned right towards the field at the end of the lane.  Taking the right hand path we passed through Dean Wood.  Although closed to the public a fenced path is provided.  Leaving the wood at Wilcock’s Farm Caravan Park (only one caravan was in the middle of the field) we turned along the track opposite the wind turbine.  Ignored by all the horses in adjacent fields and side stepping around the boggy areas we came to the main signpost pointing towards Higher Henshaws.

We walked in open countryside and passed by ‘Old Rachel’s – still raining.  Crossing over a tributary of the River Douglas we had a quick refreshment stop amongst some derelict farm buildings.  The path now bends to the left and we could see Higher Henshaw to our right.  Continuing we eventually come to Lead Mines Clough.  Sitting on a rock overlooking the trial shafts is a lone walker having a quick smoke in the rain.

Now it’s onto Parson’s Bullough Road and then right to pass by Yarrow Reservoir back to our starting point.  As we were having lunch in the Bowling Club torrents of rain started falling.  In no time at all the bowling green was flooded.  We had timed our lunch stop to perfection!

David and Dilys

The next community walk is: Longworth Clough – Tuesday 8th August with a 10am start from The Black Dog Car Park, Belmont.  Should anyone require picking up from St. Katharine’s please contact Vic:  07775922433.